Having your needs put first!

Solutions Driven is compelled by this simple goal: putting your needs first.

“I started this business believing that if I treated people well, the business would work.” So said company founder and Director Mark Holopainen. “I know there’ll always be exceptions, but I’ve found it a pretty safe rule that if I go the extra mile for people and tailor my methods and goals around their needs and worksite, then people get results and I keep getting referrals.”

This is exactly what has happened. Combining 20 years of industry experience, patience, communication skills and a genuine commitment to treating people right, Mark has enjoyed working with a steady stream of satisfied and successful trainees.

A sampling of former trainee testimonials proves this point.

You shouldn’t fix what works, so Solutions Driven continues to put your needs first.

Practically, this means:

We maintain auspice agreement with a variety of Registered Training Organisations, working with whoever helps us empower you best. Through these relationships and our delivery methods, we have helped many people experience success, security, confidence, promotions and career advancement.

Such rewards don’t come through a qualification; they happen because you are also thoroughly equipped for the work you do. This is why mere ‘tick ‘n flick’ accreditation will not do. You need a personalised, flexible, site-relevant, career empowering and proven solution.

Whether you are working with Mark, or one of his talented and equally committed trainers, you can be confident that the experience really will be “all about you”.

To learn more or ask questions, just call or complete the contact form at right.

Solutions Driven can help you enjoy both short-term and career success

To learn more or ask questions, just call or complete the contact form at right.