Need a Migration Skills Assessment?

Need a Migration Skills Assessment?

Whether you have left your assessment ‘to the last minute’ or you are planning well ahead, we can help you through the TRA Migration Skills Assessment process.

TRA (Trades Recognition Australia) is the Federal Government business unit that decides whether you meet required Australian industry standards. They base their decision on your current qualifications, skills and employment experience. If you’re a migrant working in the construction or mining sectors, TRA can be your friend.

Both TRA and Solutions Driven are here to help. Australia needs your skills. You just need to present the right information in the right way.

We’ll help you do that.    

We can help you:

1.    Check that your nominated occupation is assessed through TRA.

2.    Determine what program best suits your skills.

3.    Know if you are eligible for assessment.

4.    Prepare for your assessment.

5.    Be assessed successfully.

A former TRA/MSA client, Seamus HcHugh, described his Solutions Driven experience this way:

“Mark was very approachable, which was good because there were different things I wasn’t too sure of. I just asked and he explained them with no problems. He made you think about things in a helpful way. I understood exactly what he was talking about. He’s probably the best trainer and the most intelligent trainer I’ve ever had. I’ve recommended him to a lot of people.

He worked around my time needs; night-time or whatever, he was very good that way."   

There was also a lot of paperwork and computer stuff that he helped with. He was very good with it all. He shows a lot of dedication and patience. I can’t say a bad word about him.”

Martin Donnelly described his experience this way:

“I was recommended by a friend. Due to my work commitments he went out of his way to talk through my situation and what my longer terms plans were. He got me thinking about a lot of things I hadn’t thought about. He got me through the stages and helped me get the references and proofs I needed. He was willing to sit down first thing in the morning or late at night. He helped me explain my work, paperwork and procedures and helped me get clear about my direction, which was a good concept. Some sites are too big and they don’t look after you. Mark filled me in on my rights and my responsibilities. It was all A1 standard and I’ve recommended him to a lot of people.

You can {see more testimonies here}.

Solutions Driven is not a legal advisory or a visa assistance service – you’ll need to talk to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship( or an immigration lawyer for that, however we can help you have your skills recognised. 

Phone or use the contact form at right to get your solution underway.